Our approach

The clarity and perspective to move forward

We work with local entrepreneurs and decision-makers

At Amyot Gélinas, we believe that what matters most is the people within companies and organizations. We do everything we can to bring clarity and perspective to their business decisions.

Entrepreneurial approach

We focus not only on your company, but on all the surrounding decision-making elements. Why?

Because we know that your company is there to serve your customers and employees, but also you and your family.

To support you, we have developed the SME Squad, a dedicated team of seasoned professionals from diverse backgrounds. The Squad will thoroughly answer all your business questions and skilfully guide you through any decision.


We are committed to the success of all our customers.Our goal:  to help you reach your goals – big or small, to carry you up to new heights of success. We will be there, at your side, rain or shine.

Here and now

Since Amyot Gélinas was founded, customer service and care have always been the defining characteristics of our firm. We know that when you have questions, you want answers quickly. That’s why we are committed to providing you answers as soon as possible and will make ourselves available to you at your convenience.