Our employees’ perspectives

Nothing is more credible than what our employees have to say!

Read the testimonials of a few of our employees from our various offices.

Six years of exciting work

“I started at Amyot Gélinas six years ago when I was still a student. I was going between studying and the reality of an accounting firm. Very quickly, I was taken in, guided and supported by a professional and attentive team. We rose to the challenges of several mandates and these helped me to gain valuable professional experience.

The years went by… and I am still here, loving my work, finding exciting challenge in my assignments and growing and developing as a young professional. 

Luckily for me, our varied clientele broadens my horizons, leading me to step out of my comfort zone and, by the same token, touch on many different parts of the business world.

Amyot Gélinas is a firm that knows how too evolve and adapt to today’s reality. It places great importance on its employees.”

Valérie Tétreault, CPA auditor


A stepping stone to professional and personal growth

“I started at Amyot Gélinas as a candidate for the practice of the profession. Since then, the team has taken me under their wing to ensure my academic success and professional development. They aptly took advantage of my auditing skills, but also my ease with information technologies. 

My firm has allowed me to grow professionally and personally over the years while making me feel like a member of a big family.

Welcome to Amyot Gélinas.”

Éric O’Neil, CPA, CGA

Business Analyst, IT

Building both a career and lasting relationships

“As of November 2020, I have been working at Amyot Gélinas for 12 years! In the beginning, the Blainville office was very small. Only a few people worked there. Today, I am surrounded by a large team of professionals. And what a great team! We work so well together and our departments complement each other perfectly. Everyone brings a little extra something, to help each other perfect our skills and knowledge. Working in the same firm for so many years has also allowed me to create excellent business relationships with my clients. My interactions with them are based on trust and, as a result, I have excellent knowledge of their files.”

Annie Berthiaume, CPA auditor, CA

Senior Director – Certification

Big-company means, small-company connections

“Working at Amyot Gélinas offers the best of both worlds: a small team in a large company. In other words, that we have the personal, human contact and pleasant work atmosphere, but also the means, the ambitions and the large-scale projects of the largest firm in the Laurentian region.

It makes for very rewarding work days and outstanding professional development.”

Marie-Louise Tassé, CRIA, D.E.S.S.

Senior Advisor—Human Capital

Amyot Gélinas: My second family

“For me, working for Amyot Gélinas meant going back to a salaried position after several years of freelancing. That’s why I was looking for a work environment where I would feel at home. A place where employees are appreciated and recognized and, despite the tasks at hand, where we can build meaningful relationships. Starting with my phone interview, I felt at ease and welcomed. The moment I set foot in the office, I felt like I was talking to people I had known for a long time. I quickly saw that Amyot Gélinas is a large family who prioritizes teamwork and where there are opportunities for growth. Everything I wanted and felt at the beginning has proven true.

Now years later, I’m more than happy to have sent in my CV and, above all, very grateful to have had the opportunity to be part of this wonderful family!”

Vickie Chalifour

Accounting clerk

On the cutting-edge of change and responsive

“In taxation, we need to make sure we are always on the lookout for changes in regulations. At Amyot Gélinas, we receive and give a lot of training to stay up to date in our knowledge and to improve our services.

It is also very important to be able to share information and advice with our coworkers. That’s why we meet frequently to discuss amendments. In doing so, I am able to reach my full potential and do excellent work. I am most grateful for this.”

Marie-Krystel Vallières, CPA, CGA, LL.M. Fisc.

Taxation advisor