Consumption taxes - Individuals

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How can we help?

We can provide various types of assistance to ensure that your tax returns and claims are always in compliance:

  • Preparing tax returns and advising on the administration and management of applicable taxes, including GST/HST, QST, provincial sales taxes (PST) and other indirect taxes.
  • Identifying potential refunds and indirect task-related risks and issuing summary or detailed analyses.
  • Identifying potential refunds and tax risks related to indirect taxes and summary or detailed analyses.
  • Advising and providing support for the preparation of tax refund applications for new rental properties.
  • Identifying opportunities for additional recovery of indirect taxes you pay.
  • Representing you or negotiating on your behalf with the tax authorities.
  • Providing training to equip you to manage consumption taxes.

Our experts

Managing consumption taxes is no easy feat

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