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Human capital: The key to your success

The shifting complexity of an organization’s human challenges require managers to be more agile, more proactive and, above all, more alert. Employers who wish to ensure their company’s longevity and prosperity must consider innovation, quality and direction in their human resources decisions and actions. Satisfied employees are no longer enough; we want motivated and committed employees!

HR decisions continue to be key, since companies succeed and stand out from the competition only when they are able to attract the best talent and, above all, keep their people motivated and committed to the company.

By developing strategies and implementing processes to identify recruitment needs, staffing ensures the continuity of your operations and provides you with skilled and experienced team members.

As your main business partner, we are well positioned to assist you in your human capital analysis.

Various forms of compensation exist—direct, indirect, monetary or non-monetary—to attract and motivate employees.

We’ll work with you to make sure your payroll investment is as economically efficient as possible, effectively contributes to your employee retention, and positions your company as a choice employer.

All the programs and measures put in place to ensure a safe, comfortable and optimal work environment for your employees’ physical, psychological and psychosocial health.

Passing the torch requires strategic human resources management that takes into account the transferor’s departure, the newcomer’s arrival as well as the change in management for all concerned.

Succession planning foresees the transfer and provides the new generation with the knowledge needed to perform future functions and ensure the company’s sustainability.

Often neglected—but oh so important!—having a plan allows business leaders to achieve their goals and ensure smooth transitions.

Strategic and in line with business strategy, human capital management is key for employers wishing to take their business to the next level. However, its complexity calls for expertise. And Amyot Gélinas has just that: the skills and experience that are needed to improve your human resources management, making it an investment, not an expense.

Dare to develop your human resources management! Your products and services are constantly being reviewed and the development of your market takes up a large part of your business development energy, but what about your human resources department’s services, processes and policies? Are they up to date with new legislation?

Our team oversees the various aspects of your company’s growth through strategy development, project management and program creation. The point these elements have in common? Leading to your goals!

Skills development and human capital management are important indicators of an organization’s performance. They rely on an organization’s action plans for employee acquisition, retention and development. 

The key lies not in expensive recruitment but in talent management. When you encourage your employees onwards and upwards to plan their careers and nurture their ambitions you will find more profitability. 

We can assist you in developing a training plan that is adapted to your company’s needs and thus will contribute to improving its efficiency, productivity and profitability, while creating a sense of belonging among your employees.

Pay equity is more than “equal pay for equal work.” Indeed, it requires “equal pay for different, but equivalent, work.” But beware: An employer who does not comply with this law can be held liable for very costly fines.

Our services include:

  • Pay equity reviews
  • Maintaining pay equity
  • Pay equity programs
  • Pay equity committees
  • Employer’s declaration of pay equity (DEMES)
  • Pay equity training

Favour an enjoyable and harmonious work climate between company actors to increase productivity, sense of belonging, loyalty and ultimately employee retention.

As you know, managing your employees’ files is key to the smooth running of your business. We offer various support services. 

Employee file management

– Follow-up to evaluations

– Holiday/leave/health management

– Dismissal

– Career path


– Defining requirements

– Candidate profiling

– Headhunting

– Interviewing

– Skill testing

– Employment contracts

– Selection

Welcoming new employees

– Preparing the first day

– Workstation prepping

– Opening the employee file

Health and safety file management

Follow-up on CSST files

 Follow-up on evaluations

– Updating processes and work tools

– Coaching for managers

– Setting organizational and/or personal objectives

Our expert

Talent recruitment (headhunting)

Our priority is not to find just any candidate. We look for a personality who will bring added-value to your organization. Our process guarantees a selection of candidates who are ideal for your company.

Thanks to our experience, we offer you a personalized service that respects your budget. Our versatility allows us to effectively take on the mandates you entrust to us.

We advertise your job offers on the appropriate platforms and make good use of our extensive business network to find you the very best talent.

Job openings

Diversified and complementary services to meet all your human capital needs

As you know, human resources management brings its share of questions and challenges of all kinds.

Whether finding and attracting the best talent for your company, ensuring pay equity or curbing excessive turnover, our human resources specialists will provide you with guidance tailored to your needs.