Audits, review  and compilation engagements - Public, parapublic and non-profit organizations

Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood.”

-Marie Curie

Amyot Gélinas’ audit, review and compilation professionals can provide a clear picture of your organization’s performance. In addition to objectively verifying your financial information, they will guide you in your financial planning and ensure proper financial control. Drawing on our in-depth knowledge of public and parapublic requirements and our extensive expertise, we will suggest improvements to your financial structure, offer advice on how to optimize your organization’s performance and strengthen your internal control procedures.

Our professionals will also offer guidance and help you to produce and present your financial information. Knowing that you’ve met all the regulatory requirements will mean greater peace of mind!

Our value added

  • Helping you make the best possible decisions
  • Reducing risks that may negatively influence your profitability
  • Advising on applying and implementing Canadian accounting standards and ensuring compliance

Like all CPAs, we meet high standards designed to ensure rigorous, reliable and high-quality performance. Thanks to our ongoing professional training, state-of-the-art technologies and efficient work processes, we pride ourselves on our diligence and efficiency.

We also assist non-profit organizations

We have been assisting non-profit organizations for many decades. We understand the importance of sound management of donations, grants and tax benefits. Our approach is also designed to meet certain requirements specific to non-profit organizations.

An audit consists of issuing an opinion on the reliable reporting of an organization’s financial position and operating results. The enhanced credibility provided by an audit will be recognized by your creditors and business partners. We are also committed to providing a list of detailed and customized recommendations that can be implemented immediately. Providing more that just control, , the results of our audit process will ultimately allow you to make better business decisions. We are also here to help you implement our recommendations.

Although audits can be demanding, we’ll make sure all the necessary conditions for success are in place to minimize the impact on your business operations and your team.

A review engagement consists of ensuring the plausibility of your financial statements. It also ensures that your financial information is presented in accordance with Canadian generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).

Our Accounting professionals follow procedures which consist mainly of gathering information from senior management.  They will then analyze the data and assess the evidence obtained.

This process ensures the credibility of your financial results in the eyes of your business partners.

A compilation engagement can be summarized as the production of uncertified financial statements or financial information documents on the organization

Our accounting professionalsReceive your financial information documents and present them as financial statements.  

 What added value do accounting professionals bring to a compilation engagement? In a nutshell, they ensure the arithmetic accuracy of the grouping of your financial data. 

Our experts