Consumption taxes - Public, parapublic and non-profit organizations

Are you getting the most out of your tax refunds?

As the manager of a public-sector, para-public or non-profit organization, you are well aware that consumption taxes are a major source of questions and stress for you and your employees.

And for good reason! Consumption tax rules for organizations are numerous, complex and constantly changing.

 Since your operating sector is forever being asked to do more with less, it is essential that you optimize the tax refunds to which you are entitled.

Our experts will bring you peace of mind

Our tax professionals are constantly looking out for changes in tax laws so you can maximize the claims to which you are entitled. They also bring you peace of mind by substantially reducing the risk of error which can be very costly.

How can we help?

We can provide various types of assistance to ensure that your tax returns and claims are always in compliance:

  • Preparing tax returns and advising on the administration and management of applicable taxes, including GST/HST, QST, provincial sales taxes (PST) and other indirect taxes.
  • Identifying potential refunds and indirect task-related risks and issuing summary or detailed analyses.
  • Identifying opportunities for additional recovery of indirect taxes paid by your company:
    • Fixed assets or improvements.
    • Miscellaneous allowances paid to employees.
    • Other indirect taxes, such as fuel tax.
    • Etc.
  • Representing you or negotiating on your behalf with the tax authorities.
  • Providing your staff with in-house training so they have the tools they need to manage consumption taxes.

Our experts

Managing consumption taxes is no easy feat

You and your company already have plenty of challenges to worry about. Let us deal with the consumption taxes: that way, you’ll avoid costly errors and will be able to fully focus on the business at hand.

Be sure to call on the professionals at Amyot Gélinas!