Much more than a job. An inspiring place to live and grow!

Working at Amyot Gélinas is much more than just a job. It’s being part of a large, close-knit family. It means working on a wide range of assignments for well-known clients and sharing an inspiring day-to-day with other dedicated professionals. It also means growing your career alongside our partners and founders, Michel and Christian. It’s laughing with coworkers after a busy day, knowing you made a difference for the region’s leaders and entrepreneurs. It’s also the chance to get more involved in your community. It’s heading home without traffic! —with a sense of accomplishment.

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Life at Amyot Gélinas

Amyot Gélinas offers a unique work experience. You’ll get the seriousness and professionalism of a large and well-established firm (we’ve been here for 30 years!) and the chance to develop in a flexible setting adapted to the needs of young professionals seeking work-family balance.

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The next generation is essential

At Amyot Gélinas, we believe that the next generation has a key role to play. And we wish to prepare our younger team members by passing on the lessons we have learned, along with a bit of wisdom. That is why we created the Emerging Leaders Committee. Featuring our up-and-coming talent, the Committee gives our younger team members an opportunity to develop various skills and qualities that will allow them to grow with the firm.

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Our employees’ perspectives

Meet a few of our team members who’d like to tell you more about their daily lives at Amyot Gélinas.

Our employees’ perspectives

University recruitment

In the life of a student aspiring to become an accountant or tax specialist, the choice of a firm is a key career moment.

At Amyot Gélinas, every intern is one of the team, at the same level as all our employees. Perhaps that's why the majority of our interns stay on with us throughout their career and even become partners!

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