Code of excellence

Our Clients’ Satisfaction

Warm welcome – I welcome my clients warmly, use respectful, formal language and serve them enthusiastically at all times.

Customized advice – I offer various solutions, demonstrating the advantages and limitations for the client according to their profile and needs, and prioritizing their best interests.

Correct answers – when I am unable to answer a client’s question, i tell them straightforwardly that I do not know and will find the answer. I then contact the client with the answer at the agreed-upon time.

Simple communication – I use simple, accurate language without abbreviated terms. I regularly validate my client’s understanding and utilize available documentation to illustrate my descriptions.

Successful conclusion – before ending any meeting, I summarize the agreement and the next steps to be taken, if any, to ensure my client’s satisfaction. I then thank my client, calling them by name.

Updating information – I take advantage of my meetings with my clients to check and update client information in our files.

Anticipating needs – I listen carefully to my clients to identify any additional needs and to determine if we can help them with other of our firm’s various services.

Referral to the team – when my client’s needs and expectations do not correspond to my expertise, I refer them to a colleague or to my immediate superior. I explain the reason and help them make an appointment.

Preparation – in preparing for an appointment, I review my client’s file and prepare informative documentation so that I am ready to answer any questions my client may have.

Fully present – when i am in a meeting, i devote all my attention to the client, set aside all administrative tasks and do not answer the phone or respond to other requests.

Errors – if errors have been made, I clearly explain to my client the reason and suggest solutions to correct the situation quickly.

Dissatisfaction – I listen to my dissatisfied client, giving them the time to express their dissatisfaction. I propose solutions to correct the situation.

Follow-up – I inform my client of the mandate’s production deadlines and follow up with the client by the deadline, whether or not I have completed the work.

Replies within 24 hours – i reply to my client’s telephone messages, faxes and emails within 24 hours of their receipt.

Discretion – I exercise discretion with respect to client files at all times.