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A human-focused internship in line with your ambitions

At Amyot Gélinas, interns have an opportunity to work on various types of mandates alongside different clienteles. This leads you to explore and confirm your preferences and find what drives you.

 Forging close ties with the firm’s founders and partners is another key point that makes the internship experience so different at Amyot Gélinas, particularly in comparison with many major Montréal firms. You’ll have a chance to rub shoulders with management on a day-to-day basis, together with all the firm’s senior resources. They are here to guide you during your time with the firm—even to help you prepare for your final exams!

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Intern testimonials

Friendly team and excellent training

I loved my experience at AG and I still do! I highly recommend the experience because the training we received is excellent and the friendliness of the team is simply outstanding. In my case, I worked at the Mont-Tremblant office and I have to say that the region and its breathtaking scenery, not to mention the endless series of outdoor activities, are definitely a bonus. The team made sure that we all had a chance to really enjoy our time together with our coworkers, who have gone on to become friends. 

Danny Lim

CPA candidate

Diversity + autonomy + a helpful team: a dream internship!

Interning at Amyot Gélinas means lots of autonomy in the mandates. The diversity of the work is another plus. One week, you’re auditing a city while, the next week, you’re dealing with a small non-profit organization. That means that every day is different! Starting in my very first week, I was assigned a project and allowed to ask anyone questions. The team is really helpful and everyone is willing to lend a hand to complete the mandates. And there are lots of organized activities aimed at fostering team spirit.

Pierre-Luc Legault

CPA candidate

Great support during a crucial part of my training

Internships are a crucial part of our training as future CPAs. At Amyot Gélinas, we were fully supported, but most importantly, we had a chance to be really independent on our assignments. Plus the social life was so fun and interesting. Since so many colleagues have gone on to become friends, it’s a great place for me to flourish!

Ariann Pelletier

CPA candidate

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