Life at Amyot Gélinas

Learn about our corporate culture and values

Amyot Gélinas was founded in Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts 30 years ago. The firm has been driven by excellence and good work ever since. Even more crucial is our focus on our clients and their needs. Our professionals understand entrepreneurs’ reality and they know that above and beyond specific mandates lies the successes of the region’s leaders and builders.

What really matters to us

Our values guide our actions on day in and day out, among coworkers, with our clients and towards our community.

Professionalism, proactivity, empathy and efficiency are all values that are close to our hearts.

We are driven by a deep desire not only to satisfy our clients, but also to exceed their expectations. We have developed our very own Code of Excellence, which thoroughly explains our approach to customers.

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Some of our benefits and social advantages

A stimulating career combined with an inspiring corporate work culture and environment are keys to your professional growth. But let's not forget the importance of benefits and social advantages!

We work closely with our employees to define and understand their needs. We listen to their expectations so as to offer them the benefits and advantages that are the perfect fit for them.

In addition to competitive salaries, we also want you to feel good. This is why we offer a flexible work schedule, days off for personal obligations and an employee assistance program, in addition to reimbursing you for some of your physical activities.

Training and professional development

As soon as you arrive at Amyot Gélinas, you can benefit from our continuing education program. Our corporate culture encourages learning of all kinds, whether mandatory training for professional order membership or continuing education that will help you fulfill your potential or acquire new skills.

We want to support you in your professional development and help you reach your goals. You may be eligible for financial aid to further your education and professional development.

We will also fully reimburse your annual membership fee for your professional order and your personal liability insurance premium.

Your professional growth is important to us. Since we are all unique, Amyot Gélinas’ individual development planning process is designed to meet your specific needs.

Each employee is provided with targeted support and development opportunities that are designed to help you reach your goals and advance in your professional life. We encourage our employees to manage their careers alongside our partners. This allows each employee to broaden their skills and competencies.

Attractive monetary benefits

From group insurance to RRSP contributions, we offer you advantageous employee benefits.

You will enjoy the full coverage of a group insurance plan, and Amyot Gélinas will pay 50% of the premium.

What could be better than choosing your weekly schedule? Or to benefit from a flexible schedule during the year, allowing you to enjoy a summer schedule of four days a week until autumn?

Life is full of unexpected events. To make things easier, Amyot Gélinas offers you a bank of six days per year to use for personal or family obligations.

You can join a group RRSP to which we contribute, as well as a deferred profit sharing plan.

Private events, corporate discounts, reimbursement of health and wellness expenses, an annual participation in your children’s RESP…

Your commitment + our commitment = a ++ for the community

Amyot Gélinas and its professionals are deeply involved in the community, and have been since the firm’s beginnings.

We organize several fundraising activities to benefit various organizations. These include $5 jeans Fridays, the proceeds of which are donated to Moisson Laurentides and Fin à la faim.

We also encourage employee participation in the area’s various charity events, such as the Relay for Life, the Boucle/Le grand défi Pierre Lavoie, the Rivière du Nord race, and many other activities.

In addition to its professional involvement, for many years now, Amyot Gélinas has also contributed to children’s educations and well-being by supporting school perseverance. The firm offers homework assistance in several schools in the region.

Amyot Gélinas: A stimulating environment!

At Amyot Gélinas, we work hard. But we also know how to have fun!

Whether it is to celebrate our successes, to gather for the annual BBQ or the always-memorable holiday party, or just to relax in good company as happy hour stretches into the evening, we are always thrilled to see our big professional family come together and recognize each and every team member’s contribution.

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