Dominique Labelle

Director - Taxation | LL.M. FISC.

Courriel :
Téléphone : 450-971-1550 ext. 3542
Linkedin :

Dominique is a tax advisor who began her career at Amyot Gélinas in 2019. Dynamic and committed, she quickly proved herself and obtained new responsibilities by reaching the position of  Director – Taxation.

Dominique is a professional working in tax planning, in the context of internal corporate and transactional reorganizations of private companies. Her daily life is shared between the help she provides to her young colleagues and the support she offers to customers. She is also recognized for her great availability and perseverance in cases.

Dominique easily uses the popular expression “nothing attempted, nothing gained”; this clearly illustrates his positivism and his ease in considering various solutions to a problem.

Finally, when asked what makes her most proud at work, she emphasizes the importance of her team and the trust they have in her. You understand, Dominique is a team player!


  • Taxation


  • Master’s degree in tax law
    (HEC Montreal)

  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Finance profile